Product Description – Curtain Magic

  • Spray on curtain mould remover.
  • Suitable for ALL colourfast: curtains, blinds, nets, drapes, thermal curtains and fabric linings.
  • No scrubbing.
  • No taking curtains down.
  • Mould vanishes in minutes in front of your eyes.
  • Product comes ready to use.
  • Contains +/- 1% sodium hypochlorite and a number of non-toxic ingredients.

Background: Curtain Magic Mould Cleaner is manufactured weekly in Auckland, New Zealand and it has been the go-to mould removing solution for people-in-the-know since 2010.

How to use: Curtain Magic can only be used on colourfast window furnishings. You can check a hidden area of your curtains for colourfastness with any bleach-based solution you may have at home. Once you’ve established that your curtains are colourfast you can spray Curtain Magic liberally on the mouldy area, taking care to protect your clothing or any other nearby surfaces from any stray spray. Stubborn mould may require several re-sprays with 5 minutes wait in between until all the mould is gone. Please make sure the applications are liberal so the product drips off the material, otherwise just misting the product won’t achieve the required results.

Coverage: The coverage of the product depends on how much mould you have, how thick your curtains are, how old the mould is, how big of an area you need to cover. Generally the 2L size is only a sample size and it may only be enough to treat 1-3 curtains. The 4L size is our most popular size. The 4L container is generally enough to treat the bedroom curtains of an average size home.  The magic of our product is in what it does and how easily it does it, not in how big of an area it can be stretched over. So in some cases, with thicker curtains and older mould, you may just have to be patient and apply it several times with 5 minutes wait in between until all the mould is gone.

What about old mould: Curtain Magic can get rid of mould that is many years old – but you may need to respray it a number of times in order to get rid of all of it. Mould can take months, and in some cases years, to grow and spread – so while our product can get rid of the mould in minutes, in some cases it may be a few extra minutes than what you can see on the video.

Where to buy: In order to keep your costs down, we don’t operate retail stores, so Curtain Magic is only available from us online and is dispatched daily from our warehouse in South Auckland, which is not open to the public for pick ups.

Shipping: Generally couriered shipments are received throughout New Zealand within 3-7 business days and they are tracked.

Who uses it: Curtain Magic has been used by more than 30,000 customers since 2010. We ship Curtain Magic daily to both residential customers using the retail sizes listed right here on our website and in 20L drums to some of New Zealand’s biggest dry cleaning companies, curtain cleaning companies and hotels / resorts / motels. You can read 100’s of our client comments  HERE.

Useful life: Curtain Magic is manufactured in fresh batches every week, so when you receive the product, it is only a few days old. For optimum results, please make sure you use it straight away or within a couple of weeks of receiving it – as it loses its effectiveness over time and it becomes inactive approx 6 months after receiving it.


  • Keep out of reach of children or pets.
  • Store in a cool, dark place (if any product is left after treatment). Make sure the lid is tightly closed. Product will expire approx 6 months after receiving it.
  • Do not use if you are pregnant or lactating, have an allergy to sodium hypochlorite or have any other conditions that prevent you from being able to use cleaning chemicals.