How would you like new customers in your store?

After years of success as on online business in NZ and attracting 1000’s & 1000’s customers to use Curtain Magic Mould Remover nationwide, we are now offering an excellent product based business opportunity for retail stores to stock our product.

Why did we decide to offer retailers the chance to sell our proven curtain mould remover?

We take many phone orders every week, and one of the first questions people ask is “Where can we pick it up?”. Our customers have only ever been able to order online, and some people simply don’t like paying for goods on a website with their credit card, or they need the product asap etc etc. It’s a fair question and concern for some people.

Rather than open our own stores, which would result in a dramatic price increase for our customers, we believe it would make more sense to offer existing retailers a discounted price on our product, and drive new customers into their stores.

Benefits of stocking our product:

  • Only small wholesale orders required (No big orders required to get started).
  • Our product is well packaged & compact, and only takes up a very small shelving area to stock the product
  • The product turns up to your door, and you simply put it on your shelf. Easy.
  • New opportunity for you to stock a product that 20,000+ Kiwi’s already use.
  • New customers for you.
  • You sell it for the same price as we do online, so there is no pricing disadvantage to anyone.
  • We will mention your business as a ‘pick up point’ to anyone who calls in your area and wants to pick up only.
  • Wholesale pricing
  • Annual repeat business from some customers
  • Benefit from our radio advertising
  • No contracts, agreements or fees
  • Once your customers see how well it works, they will tell their friends where to buy it from (your store). The majority of our business comes from word-of-mouth which has caused our business to grow at a very fast pace, so there is a very high chance your customers will drive new business into your store just because the product works so well.

Conditions of becoming a retailer, and to get wholesale prices:

  • Minimum purchase of just 5 x 1L containers required.
  • No online marketing except through your own business website, as we already invest alot of money into this space (Which you could benefit from anyway). This is purely an opportunity for you to sell in store only.
  • You must own a retail store, and we will only ship the package to a business address.
  • We prefer your business is in-line with the product, such as fabric shops, curtain stores, drycleaners, cleaning product stores etc, but not essential. If you think your customers could benefit from our product, then go ahead and stock it.

Email or call today if you would like to take advantage of this unique opportunity.