Bathroom Ceiling Mould Cleaning Product

Have you got mould starting to build up on your bathroom ceilings? Have you already let it go too far? Mould removal can be messy, boring and time consuming… but not any more.

Following on from our highly effective Curtain Magic, we have now developed an amazing product to get rid of mould on bathroom ceilings in the shortest possible time.

Mould growth is an ongoing problem for most households, and it really makes the room feel dirty and unhygienic. Now there is a simple way to deal to this issue with minimal effort.

We would like to introduce you to Bathroom Ceiling Magic Mould Remover.

This hard hitting product works very similar to our best selling Curtain Magic, and Ceiling & Wall Magic mould cleaning products. All you do is spray it onto the surface and the mould will dissolve. See demo video below how to clean it off in minutes, not hours.

Please note this product is stronger than our other mould removers, and can not be used on any unsealed surfaces or fabrics.

Bathroom Ceiling Magic Mould Remover is powerful.

“We use this product on all our commercial cleaning jobs which we do for real estate agents. It speeds the job right up with great results everytime”Jim – North Shore.

This product can be used on painted bathroom ceilings & shower curtains, or it can be used for commercial cleaning purposes. We have many commercial cleaning companies who buy our mould products by the drum load because they work. This product is a proven & unique formula that will make your bathroom mould cleaning job simple, quick and effective.

How do you use it?

Before using, please remove any non-colourfast items from the bathroom, such as mats and cloths etc. You should also clear out personal items from the bathroom so you have a clear area to spray, with no need to worry about the product ending up on your toothbrush etc. The bathroom should be well ventilated when spraying.

Use gloves and follow instructions on the bottle.

If the mould doesn’t vanish after 15mins, simply respray the areas where the mould remains. Repeat until gone. In general, if the mould isn’t too old it should vanish relatively quickly.

PURCHASE HERE (Look for the blue label product ‘Bathrooms’)