Paypal order won’t go through?

If your browser does not meet new security standards for websites (like PayPal) that hold payment data, you’ll need to update it to continue accessing after June 26th. You can order through TradeMe or our internet banking details at the bottom of the product ordering page.


Check your desktop browser to see if it’s up-to-date Click here:  to test your browser.

– “PayPal_Connection_OK” your browser is up-to-date and no further action is needed.

– If you have an outdated browser you’ll see this message: “ERROR! Connection is using TLS version lesser than 1.2. Please use TLS1.2”.


Instructions to update your desktop computer browser Each browser has different steps required for upgrading. Follow the links below for instructions on updating your browser.


Internet Explorer-


Edge- Microsoft Edge is part of an operating system and can’t be separately updated. It’s updated through regular windows updates.


Mozilla Firefox (Windows & Mac)-


Chrome (Windows & Mac)-


Sarari (Mac)-


Safari (Windows)-