Mould Cleaner for Boat Curtains, Bimini Tops & Boat Covers & More

Do you have mouldy boat curtains or water mark, leak stains, or rust marks on the internal carpet lining of your boat?

We have the answer, guaranteed. Boat Magic.

1000s using curtain magic

One of the most common requests we get is how to clean mould off boat curtains, bimini tops, seat upholstery, boat covers and internal linings of boats. It’s such a common problem for boat owners that we decided to customise a mould removal product especially for boats which can be used on colourfast surfaces. ‘Boat Magic’ is a slight variation to our best selling, Curtain Magic. No scrubbing or removing of curtains required. Leave them hanging exactly where they are! You can also get rust marks off carpet, leak marks on linings, and get rid of general stains too!

Boat Mould Remover curtains covers biminis


Boat Magic can be used on all colourfast fabrics and vinyls. We even have testimonials on this website where people have used the product to clean those mouldy lifejackets that have been stored away in cold damp areas of the boat.

No matter what area of the boat is showing signs of mildew or mould, you can use the product as long as it’s very thin material (i.e curtains), or a surface that is exposed to the sun and can dry out quickly (i.e. covers, seats and bimini’s etc).

If you have a damp smell in your boat, or a musty moisture related smell that almost prevents you enjoying your time on the water, then this is certainly the product to use.

Please ventilate the area well while spraying. Instructions are on the bottle.