How to Remove Mould off Curtains… Fast!

Have you ever wondered how to get mould off your colourfast curtains, drapes, nets, blinds and curtain linings?

No Scrubbing – No Wiping – No Washing – No Taking Curtains Down!

Here’s a short LIVE video of the ‘Curtain Magic® Mould Remover’ in action. You’ll see the mould vanish before your eyes!

  • Spray on curtain mould remover.
  • Suitable for ALL colourfast: curtains, blinds, nets, drapes, thermal curtains and fabric linings.
  • No scrubbing.
  • No taking curtains down.
  • Mould vanishes in minutes in front of your eyes.
  • Product comes ready to use.
  • Contains +/- 1% sodium hypochlorite and a number of non-toxic ingredients.

Do you have black mould growing on the back or the front of your thermal curtains or blinds? What if you could simply spray a solution directly onto the mould, and it vanished… without taking the curtains down?

Our “Curtain Magic®” is NZ’s #1 best selling curtain mould removal product. You can read a long list of current, unedited testimonials from happy NZ and international customers below, after watching the short demo video.

It’s not just home owners who benefit from using our mould removal spray, but hotels, motels, resorts, ambulance staff, hospital staff, school staff, farmers, army camps, dry cleaners, campervan rental companies and commercial cleaning companies are also buying our unique curtain cleaning spray. (Read over 200 Testimonials below)

The good word about our ‘Curtain Magic® Mould Remover’ product has also spread internationally, and we are now shipping daily into Australia, Malaysia, UK, South Africa, Indonesia and the USA!

(See long list of genuine, unedited testimonials & reviews below)

Product Media Exposure:

  • This product has featured on Newstalk ZB’s popular show called ‘New Products & Bright Ideas’.
  • Over 52,000 Views on Youtube!
  • As seen in the ‘Herald on Sunday’ Newspaper
  • As seen in the Sunday News.
  • As seen on TV3
Mildew Removed off Silk Curtains, blockouts, vertical blinds and more.
Curtain Magic® – Works on all curtains, linings, blinds, nets and drapes.

This 4lt spray will kill and remove mould from your colourfast curtains, blinds, drapes and nets and from the white backing of your thermal curtains without scrubbing, and is generally enough to cover a house lot of curtains providing the mould isn’t too old (in which case a 2nd spray may be required).
You simply spray the product on and watch it vanish in front of your eyes. You don’t need to take off your curtains – you can treat them while they are still hanging.

You will need to put a mat on the floor and cover any furnishings or areas near where you are spraying – in order to prevent any stray spray getting onto unintended areas.