Mould Removal Services NZ

Up until recently, there has only been a few professional mould removal services in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and everywhere in between who actually know what they are doing.

Although there are some excellent mould removal products on the market, there is a certain way these products need to be applied to avoid mould spores spreading to other areas of the home. If there are kids in the home, the ‘spray and forget’ type method may not be safe. You need to get rid of the mould before the kids touch it, eat it and breath it in etc etc… so letting it sit there while the ‘product does the work’ could be dangerous to the family health.

A professional mould removal company will provide an all-in-one service… and the job is done and out the way! You should ask what the PH level of their product is to help determine how safe the product actually is… but these days most of the products are user friendly.

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