Plastic Surfaces

We all have exposed plastic pipes around the home… usually in the form of downpipes. Now you can get them looking bright and back to their original colour in minutes!

Our proven grime and mould cleaning product works perfect on plastic surfaces (See list under video), and it works very quick! Here is an example of how to remove mould and green slime off plastic pipes:

Other plastic surfaces you can clean:

Plastic outdoor furniture, bathtubs, bee frames, Kayaks & plastic water craft, chairs, drains, containers, kitchen sinks, garden furniture, mailboxes, urinals, vent covers, plastic plants, before painting, buckets, plastic cafe blinds, sills, coated shelving, conservatory roof, covers and more!


  • Protect areas around the area being treated
  • Poor solution into sprayer
  • Saturated the area with the Multi Purpose mould cleaner
  • Wipe or waterblast off.
  • Simple!

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