Mould Removal Sprays – Mould Cleaner Spray

Which Black Mould Removal Sprays Work Best? 

If you’re looking for a mold treatment spray, mould killer spray or a mildew and mold remover spray, then we have exactly what you need.

The biggest risk you can take around the home is using the toxic ‘off the supermarket shelf’ mould cleaner sprays. They are extremely high PH and have very agressive chemicals that can potentially harm you.

Why would you buy a ‘toxic’ black mould remover spray, when you can use a product with a low PH and does a better job!

Did you know that the higher the PH level, the quicker it loses it’s power to do the job? So if your supermarket mold product is sitting on the laundry shelf for 6 months and is exposed to heat, then it loses it ability to clean. We only sell mould and mildew remover products and sprays with a long shelf life with non-agressive chemicals!

Shower Mould Sprays – Wallpaper Mould Sprays – Wall and Ceiling Mould Sprays… and you can even use it on tennis courts, decks, pathways and more!

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