Painted Timber

Any outdoor surface that is painted is usually exposed to the public eye, or to friends at some stage, and are exposed to the weather elements… and a damp climate means mould & green grime growth on these types of surfaces.

Put our exterior Multi Purpose cleaning solution to work and be done with the mess within minutes! The most popular painted timber surfaces this product is used for are painted decks and fences… especially for pre paint cleaning, but there are more applications for this product below this short demo video.

Here is a fast demo of timber screening being cleaned:

Other Uses:

Cleans painted & sealed; timber floors, sealed timber furniture, painted wooden doors, window frames & sills, gates, garden shed, bench seats, bars, conservatories, greenhouse, garages, gazebos, outdoor table settings, pergolas, privacy screens, patios, fruit crates, awning frames, balustrades, balconies, barns, wooden or plastic compost bins, dinghy, edged garden borders, hammock stands, wooden dog kennel, picnic tables, picket fences, signs, surfboards and more!


  • Confirm the surface is sealed, and moisture can not penetrate the object
  • protect surrounding surfaces
  • wet the area with mould remover
  • wash or wipe off 
  • Looks great!