Plaster Cladding Exterior Surface Cleaner

Below is a demo video showing how our brilliant exterior ‘multi purpose’ product is used to clean mould, algae and green grime off different types of plaster cladding systems without damaging the elastomeric flexible membrane paint which most plaster houses are coated with… normally associated with growth on the south or shaded side of homes.

(Further uses below this short demo:)

Other uses for cleaning cladding:

DIY Pre paint cleaning treatment, and pre house wash and water blast solution for: Harditex, monolithic cladding, standard and flexible paint membranes, weatherboard, brick & tile and most sealed cladding surfaces around the home.

If you have a plaster clad house with cracks in the external or exterior wall plaster, then be aware there is most likely some kind of green slime or growth in the cracks where water has penetrated. In some cases, these cracks will need to be professionally cleaned out and resealed in case the mould growth has gone in behind the paint or cladding (if harditex). Our cladding cleaner will be effective in removing grime out of hairline cracks, but nothing larger… especially around windows.

Directions for use:

  • Protect all areas below the cladding surface you are cleaning;
  • Make sure the surface is wet with the solution, and cleaned off before the solution¬†dry’s;
  • Wipe or water blast off… just a solid hose down will do the trick in most cases;
  • Leave to dry for 24-48hrs prior to painting;
  • Don’t apply onto a wet surface.