How to Clean Mould out of Grout

There’s nothing that looks quite as unattractive as mould growing in grout between nice clean shower tiles!

We have a shower to get clean, but what about our bare feet rubbing across disgusting slimmy mould in the grout? It won’t actually feel slimmy, but you know that if you tested your skin cells for traces of mould after a shower (or walking into a bathroom), then there’s a good chance it will come up positive.

The other downside to mould in grout, is that it looks very ugly! What would your visitors think when they use your toilet whilst visiting you, and they glance into your shower and see how dirty it is!

So, how do you clean mould out of grout?

There is no time like now to clean up the grout mould… it’s not going to get any better! Keep your family healthy today…. it’s quick to apply, works fast and all with minimal effort on your behalf.