Mould Cleaner Facts & How to Apply Product

Less than 1% toxic Ph 7.5

Composition: A mildly alkaline biodegradable solution whose action is brief and INSTANT. Also acts as a sterilizer, bactericide, fungicide, disinfectant, kills germs and is biodegradable.

Uses: Removes mould and mildew from most sealed surfaces. Use on ceilings, internal & external walls, wallpaper, shower screens, prams & strollers, annexes, tents, boat canopies, outdoor furniture, eaves, rails, guttering etc.

Applications: Ceilings, Walls & Wallpapers – The most effective method for ceilings and walls is to spray the product on,. We recommend a MIX OF 120MLS CONCENTRATE & BALANCE WATER TO 1 LT. Working steadily cover all areas well. After all traces of mould have disappeared, use a slightly damp sponge to wipe off excess moisture. We recommend spraying wallpaper for best results. Work from the bottom up to prevent streaking. Streaking occurs when spraying begins at the top and excess product runs down the walls leaving clean lines. To eliminate streaking spray the entire area from the bottom and work up.

Once the area has been cleaned and all traces of mould have disappeared, wipe area well with a clean dry cloth to remove excess solution. Wallpaper should be tested for colourfastness first.

Bathrooms – Bathroom silicon is generally a difficult problem because mould forms beneath the silicon and is protected by it. To treat always begin with a dry surface (excess water will dilute the product) spray each morning and night for a week. A mix of 1 PART CONCENTRATE & 3 PARTS WATER is required to clean this area The product will penetrate the silicon and the mould will disappear.

Annexes, Tents & Boat Canopies – Because annexes and tents are usually waterproof both sides will need to be treated. Begin from the bottom and working up to prevent streaking, spray product evenly. A MIX OF 1OOMLS CONCENTRATE TO 1 LT OF WATER Wait 3 to 5 minutes for mould to disappear. Re-apply to any areas you may have missed remembering to apply both sides then WIPE down annex or tent and allow to dry before storage. Boat canopies most often form mould on the underside. Spray entire area liberally and when all traces of mould have disappeared, WIPE thoroughly. All annexes, tents and boat canopies must be tested for colourfastness and retention of waterproofing capabilities first.

Outdoor Furniture, Prams & Strollers – Spray liberally onto affected areas and wait 3 to 5 minutes. Cushions should be sprayed from both sides because these are the items we sit on and serve food on, hose down thoroughly and leave to dry. Heavily affected areas may require further applications. Use the same procedure for prams and strollers but remember to check for colourfastness first and to hose down thoroughly when complete. A MIX OF 1 PART CONCENTRATE & 3 PARTS WATER FOR BEST RESULTS

Outdoor Walls, Eaves, Guttering & Rails – Spray affected areas liberally. Avoid working in the full sun or on a hot surface, as the product will dry out before it has had a chance to work. Because the product is mildly corrosive hose down all metal surfaces thoroughly when all traces of mould has disappeared.

Smoke Stains – Although not designed for this purpose, the product is brilliant for cleaning smoke stains usually occurring on walls and ceilings. Visible as a general yellowing of paint, smoke stains will occur right throughout the home but are more visible in the kitchen due to general cooking and the lounge room due to smoking. Using a sponge will remove most of the stains, however for the best results we recommend spraying the product on. using a MIX OF 1OOMLS CONCENTRATE TO 1 LT OF WATER The reaction is instant leaving the surface looking pristine and freshly painted (repainting will still be required if the paint is cracked, peeling or scuffed). Wipe excess moisture off using a clean dry cloth.