How to Clean Smoke Stains Removal

If you aren’t sure how to remove smoke stains off your kitchen ceiling, or cigarette stains off the lounge room/bedroom ceiling, then here’s the easy way!

First, the type of smoke stains on your walls and ceiling most likely turn the paint into a yellowish colour. You need the correct product to take these stains out otherwise you could rip all the paint off with it!!! (As opposed to removing mould that wipes off… stains are ‘hard wired’ into the paint in most cases).

Cigarette smoke stains need to be removed in the same fashion…

The mould stain removal product we sell on this website is perfect for this type of application… simply spray it on liberally and watch it vanish! The only ‘catch’ would be if your paint is already cracked and perishing… in which case you will need to do a repaint anyway.

Using a quick and clean smoke stain removal product is the logical way to go… why scrub all weekend when there is a proven product that does the work for you in minutes! You just wipe it off… simple.

How to remove nicotine stains? It’s not only the stain you want to remove, but it’s the general smell of ‘left over’ smoke that you want to get rid of also. Cleaning off nicotine stains and smoke smells is much easier than it is to give up smoking itself, especially with our super nicotine stain remover!!