Proven Tent Mould Cleaner

How to remove mould from your nylon or canvas tent… fast! (Works on any type of tent material)

Our tent mould cleaner is a fast treatment to get rid of mould off the inside & outside of tents. 

This technically advanced product is now used by some of NZ’s biggest caravan parks!

When you fold your tent up after a holiday, and leave it in the corner of a damp room or garage, you know exactly what’s going to be waiting for you next time you ‘dare’ to unfold it… yep, it’s almost a given that smelly & dangerous black mould awaits you inside. Sniffing a damp old shoe would be nicer than smelling some mould infested tents!

So do you sleep in a damp smelly and mouldy tent, or buy a new one? NEITHER!

tent mould

Our New Zealand made products are already used by 1000’s of Kiwi’s, and exported around the world every week… it’s really that good!

Why is our tent mould cleaner so popular? Because all you do is spray it directly onto the tent mould and watch it vanish within minutes… guaranteed! It arrives at your door ready to use, no mixing required!

In NZ, we only really use our tents around holiday time, so mould will grow quite quickly in the meantime due to the damp air we have over winter. 

Application instructions, in a nutshell:

  • The best time of day to clean the tent mould is around 10am when the outside air temperature heats up.
  • Hang the tent over the clothesline, or better still, erect the tent.
  • Apply our VERY low toxic mould remover to both sides of the material where the mould is.
  • If the mould doesn’t disappear on the first spray (wait 15 minutes to give it a fair chance to do its job), then simply re-spray the mould that hasn’t vanished. Some older mould is stubborn and needs abit of extra solution applied to it.
  • Once the mould is gone, give the tent a hose down with water for a few minutes to get rid of any residual solution on the tent. This will also help to get rid of the ‘dental’ smell of the product.
  • Leave the tent out to dry
  • It’s ready to go!

Like all solutions, you should always do a spot test for colourfastness and retention of the waterproofing cababilities. Our product is absolutely amazing, and we have no doubt it will work for you… but just do a quick test on your tent in a hidden area to check your tent is colourfast. The chances are it will be, taking into account it’s made for the outdoors where it’s subjected to rain and moisture on a regular basis.

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