Mould Detection Using Infrared & Moisture Testing Equipment

Is the mould in your house reappearing?

Do you smell a damp odour in some rooms of your property, or your gut feeling tells you there could potentially be a serious moisture problem or leak?

We use one of the most advanced, fast and cost effective ways to determine if you have leaks or moisture problems… without putting any holes in your wall! Infrared thermal imaging cameras can detect leaks that are causing problems behind the wall.

The first step is to use the mould removal spray on this website, and if the mould reappears in a short amount of time, you know the issue is more than meets the eye. Here’s an example of what an infrared camera sees…

This infrared photo shows moisture under the carpet that the human eye could not see.

Here’s another photo of a simple hidden leak under a window that could be causing toxic black mould growth behind the wall, allowing dangerous mould spores to potentially enter the room through any gaps around the window frame…

If you suspect the mould problem is simply surface mould, then purchase the relative mould cleaning product on this website which suits your needs… just like many other clients do each week. If you feel the problem is deeper and potentially originating from behind the wall, then we can give you a free quote via email for an infrared thermal moisture scan of your house.

If you would like to book a thermal imaging inspection, email us the size of your home (in square meters), and the suburb the property is located. We will come back to you in the next 12hrs with a free quote.

Email us at today with the details of the job, and we’ll get right back to you with a free quote!