Mould Removal Specialists NZ- Mold

Are you looking for experienced mould removal specialists in Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch?

There’s a reason why you need a mould (mold) removal specialist to do a proper job the first time around, and that is because they know how to apply the specific mould remover products based on the type of mould they are cleaning.

When you see the ‘normal’ house mould growing in your bathroom, bedroom, ceilings and cupboards, it’s easy to assume that a regular ‘off the shelf’ mould solution will do the job. Yes and no… yes, it will remove the mould stains on a short term basis, but at the end of the day you want it gone for atleast 12 months.

Depending on your living habits, mold could return within 3 months! If you hire someone who specialises in removing mould and who also applies the best mould growth preventation products, then you will have it safely removed in minimal time without fuss or health dangers.

Be careful if you try to remove the mold yourself!  Although you can easily read the label on the bottle about how to quickly get rid of the mould, you need to make sure you use a product appropriate to the surface you are working on so you don’t end up taking half the paint off the surface. This is a real common problem, especially amongst tenants who are moving out… they want to do an extra good job but actually end up taking the paint coating off the gib board.

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