Remove Mould (Mold) off Walls and Wallpaper

When using¬†the ‘Instant Vanish’¬†wall and wallpaper mould remover, the most effective method for walls is to sponge the product on… this will help reduce waste created by fallout from using the normal mold spray applicator method. Try using a squeegee mop or similar.

Next step: Once all traces of mould have disappeared, clean the mop with fresh water and with the sponge slightly damp, wipe off excess moisture. If it’s wallpaper you are wanting to remove the mould from, apply the mould remover with the spray pack for best results. Start spraying at the bottom of the wall and work your way up to help prevent streaking. Streaking will occur when too much product is applied and runs down the wall.

The mold should have vanished within minutes, so all you then need to do is wipe the area well with a clean dry cloth to remove excess water. Wallpaper should be tested for colourfastness first.

If you are looking for an excellent product that removes mould (mold) off walls and wallpaper INFRONT OF YOUR EYES… then order yourself a sample pack today!