Have you got caked on grime on tin surfaces around the home. Our powerful multi purpose cleaner will make light work of cleaning any tin surface to make it look like new again!

Here is short video demonstrating how fast our exterior mould treatment gets rid of grime off the side of tin box trailer:

Other tin surfaces our mould treatment product will effectively clean:

Splashbacks, canisters, counters, trailers, roof, tabletops, containers, galvanised tin, embossed & pressed tin, jewellery, vats, signs, and most tin surface!


  • Shake bottle well;
  • Poor into sprayer;
  • Protect any areas below the treatment area;¬†(If cleaning a tin roof that feeds a water tank, don’t let solution wash into tank).
  • Wet the mould or grimy area with mould spray
  • Wait 2-3 minutes
  • Wash or wipe off.
  • Admire the clean look!